Falcon Security

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Physical Security

Security Guards

Our unarmed uniformed guards are ideal for any kind of shops, malls or business establishment. Both male and female unarmed guards can be deployed according to the requirements of the establishments. These guards have been deployed in a large number of locations all over India.
Although unarmed Our guards are trained according to standards and procedures laid down by the state government. They are trained in basic fire fighting, self defense and administering first aid in case of injury.

Body Guards

We provide body guards/VIP protection of the highest international standards using the skills and experience of local & overseas operators.

Our operatives are veterans from special forces or those recruited for their unique skills and ability to conduct themselves in a distinguished manner, after clearing several vigorous vetting and selection processes.

Armed Guard

We provide armed guards to high value businesses such as Banks, Shops and other commercial establishment which could become the target of armed attack. An armed guard provides a very high level of security and their mere presence can act as a deterrent against gangs and criminals.
Our armed guards are highly trained and authorized by the State Government to carry arms with valid licenses. Each guard’s antecedents are verified by the police. They are supervised by highly experienced and decorated ex-servicemen who bring real world experiences with them.