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Falcon launches India’s first GSM based Wireless Burglar Alarm with a first of its kind Integrated Emergency Response Team, in India.

  • Uses the latest cutting edge technology designed and built with over 6 years of research and development at the Falcon R&D Center.

  • 24/7 alarm monitoring system.

  • Guaranteed Security at a fraction of the cost and with no possibilities of human errors.

  • Medical Emergency Handling System for the elderly and infirm.

  • Powerful battery backup that lasts upto five* days without power in the main unit.

  • Panic button to be used in-case of daytime emergencies, home invasion and medical emergencies.

  • Optional motion sensors for larger houses and commercial establishment.

  • Intelligent system that can differentiate between the different emergencies (Medical or Break-in) and pinpoint the location of the emergency.

  • Completely wireless system that negates the need to break or modify any walls and allows the system to be installed anywhere.